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Grandma Scrotum

Welcome to Grandma Scrotum's Naughty Bits!

Grandma Scrotum invites you to indulge in your Prurient Interest and perve on naked and erect whippersnappers.

She promises to get you so hot and bothered you'll need a good dose of cod liver oil to calm you down.

She also serves up her own brand of hand-knitted sexual advice, drawing from her extensive wisdom of all things smutty.

Remember: if you must play naughty sex games, don't run with scissors!

Just who is Grandma Scrotum?

"Gladys Scrotum's study of the Female Epididymus has been well documented."
 - Gynacologist's Home Journal

"Grandma Scrotum taught me everything I know."
 - Pamela Anderson

"There is no proof that Gladys Scrotum actually invented sex, but recent anecdotal evidence
suggests she at least masterminded the advertising campaign."
 - The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopaedia.

"I don't think I'm the only person that Gladys has shagged to death."
 - Gladys' husband Fenwick, on his death bed.

"Don't tell anybody, but Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female was really a
biography of Mrs Scrotum."
 - Dr Alfred Kinsey, in 1956

"I did not have sex with that woman."
 - Bill Clinton


Please Grandma, Let me see more nude men!


Grandma Scrotum's Naughty Bits is an adult site for women.
It features explicit photos of naked men, sex advice and quality erotica for women.
If you are under 18 or easily offended you should
EXIT now.

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