Grandma Scrotum's 
 Naughty Bits

Just who is Grandma Scrotum?

"Gladys Scrotum's study of the Female Epididymus has been well documented."
 - Gynacologist's Home Journal

"Grandma Scrotum taught me everything I know."
 - Pamela Anderson

"There is no proof that Gladys Scrotum actually invented sex, but recent anecdotal evidence suggests she at least masterminded the advertising campaign."
 - The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopaedia.

"I don't think I'm the only person that Gladys has shagged to death."
 - Gladys' husband Fenwick, on his death bed.

"Don't tell anybody, but Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female was really a biography of Mrs Scrotum."
 - Dr Alfred Kinsey, in 1956

"I did not have sex with that woman."
 - Bill Clinton


Grandma Scrotum invites you to indulge in your Prurient Interest and perve on naked and erect whippersnappers. She promises to get you so hot and bothered you'll need a good dose of cod liver oil to calm you down.

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